Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Themed Wedding Flower Ideas

Themed weddings are so much fun. The ideas for wedding flowers of course depend on the theme you have chosen. Wedding themes are certainly plentiful and a big hit these days. It at time seems that the traditional wedding is on its way out to make room for more personalized weddings. Everyone and generally speaking every couple has something they are passionate about. Creating a wedding around their passion is an excellent idea and many couples may have even met while participating in the activity that their wedding is created around.

In this article we will briefly look at a few wedding flower ideas for a few common and a few not so common themed weddings. A themed wedding can be anything from a Cinderella fairytale to a winter wonderland. Your wedding flowers will of course depend on the theme you choose.

For the Cinderella wedding theme you will want to go with the following three colors; white, pale pink and ivory. Roses are the top choice for flowers as are tulips and lilacs these are all very delicate flowers and provide a touch of class and elegance. For your table centerpieces consider using one or all of the following; a glass slipper, a glass pumpkin or a carriage. You can add a few sprinkles of glitter to the flower petals as well as using white candles with glitter lightly sprinkled around them to create an illusion of a magical day or evening.

The winter wedding theme is another popular theme. For this theme you can choose any flower you would like however the color for a winter wonderland wedding flowers should be all white. You can use silver or gold glitter on your white flowers to make them stand out a little and greenery should be kept to a minimum if used at all. Centerpieces can be made of all white flowers placed in a clear crystal looking vase or a silver or gold container.

A usual wedding theme is the rock and roll theme. This theme is popular for adults who grew up in the late fifties and sixties. The flower colors will be pastel and tie-dyed; pinks, oranges, blues, purples and yellow. You will want the leaves for these flowers green as this was a popular color especially pastel green colored leaves. You can choose any flower you would like and a great centerpiece would be; baskets filled with wild flowers or multicolored daisies (with or without the stems.) A plastic guitar decorated with flowers would certainly work as would any miniature musical instrument.

A golf wedding theme is a rather unusual but quickly becoming popular as many sports related wedding themes are. For the flowers you can choose to make any flower you would like. The colors are white and green. Not much of a selection but an assortment of shades will look very nice. For the centerpieces a red vase with a piece of green crepe paper wrapped around the bottom few inches of the vase and the white flowers will resemble a golf ball sitting on a tee.

Once you choose your wedding theme, the themed wedding flower ideas should begin to come to you. Just because it is a theme does not mean you have to stick to the "rules" for every part if you truly want another color that does not fit in with the theme that is your choice after all it is your day and should be just the way you want it!

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